May 26


Welcome to The Rifts!! We are a site dedicated to virtual reality rifts!!

It sure is a great time for virtual reality?? Have you tried the Oculus Rift yet?? Have you tried any other rifts??

Virtual Reality is sure to be a game changer. There are so many cool benefits likely to come along with VR. Two specific technologies that I’m really excited about are the new smart contact lenses and new wireless earphones with sophisticated applications installed.

Custom Smart Lenses are on the way to market. These things are so cool! Some of the amazing features of smart contacts include taking pics, videos, monitoring health issues, night vision capability, etc. Pretty amazing stuff. These contacts will also have significant implications for virtual reality and the Rifts that are employed.

The best wireless earphones coming to market soon are likely to have amazing applications including voice recognition to pause the music you are listening to when the tiny microphones pick up human vocal audio. These earphones are also likely to facilitate real time language translation!

Virtual reality via the rifts that are currently available is pretty amazing. And the technology that the rifts employ to access virtual reality is increasing so rapidly! It is definitely an exciting time for tech and virtual reality!

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